3 Advancements Improving Post-Surgical Care for Pets

By Anje English | September 16th, 2021

As any veterinarian knows, the postoperative phase can be as important as the surgery itself. Having the right post-surgery products for recovering pets is key to ensuring their well-being when they return home while also avoiding readmission for corrective surgeries.

KRUUSE, an inventive Danish manufacturer with a global reach in the animal health space, is particularly attentive to the importance of post-surgical care. These three innovative post-surgery products can help soothe concerns for you, pet parents and — most importantly — the animals you operate on.

1. The Full Package in E-Collar Technology

KRUUSE hasn’t stopped improving the e-collar since they introduced it to the animal health industry almost 50 years ago. The BUSTER Complete Collar combines the best features of past BUSTERs into one collar. These innovations are based on feedback from veterinarians and technicians, who have intimate knowledge of collars’ strengths and weaknesses. The best feature of the BUSTER Complete Collar is how fast it goes on; it attaches quickly and securely with Velcro. (Good news for everyone involved!) A rubber neoprene band around the top edge of the collar helps absorb sound for the wearer.

2. Comfortable and Customizable Head and Ear Protection

The BUSTER Ear Cover is a soft-yet-durable textile that’s customizable based on the patient’s needs and the vet’s preference. The best part? A hole can be cut in the nonfraying fabric to expose the patient’s healthy ear. That way, the animal is more comfortable and can hear better, while the surgical site remains protected from incessant scratching that could lead to a surgical site infection (SSI). The flexibility of the neoprene makes it easy to get the cover over — and off — the animal’s head without constricting their movement.

3. Protective Boots for Active Recovery

An injured foot can be difficult for vets and pet parents to navigate as an animal heals. KRUUSE’s line of BUSTER Booties offers protection and flexibility. The booties come in hard and soft soles, meeting the animal’s specific needs for an optimal active recovery. Waterproof, breathable nylon helps keep the paw untouched and dry as it heals. The bootie line comes in an array of sizes, and an upper-drawstring closure and adjustable elastic hook and loop straps allow for further customization.

Learn more about other KRUUSE products that can help you provide the highest level of care for your patients.

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Anje English is a national account manager at EPiQ Animal Health. With almost 25 years of experience in health care supply chain, she is a customer-centric leader with expertise in marketing, product management, account management, and customer relations. Delivering the best customer experience is always her No. 1 priority. She is responsible for managing the partnerships with distributors and acts as brand ambassador for the manufacturers we represent. She also manages the product launches and sales-enablement activities in the distribution channel. As a native of Columbus, Ohio, and graduate of The Ohio State University, she is a Buckeye at heart. She enjoys watching OSU football, playing with her dog Beanz, spending time at her kids’ sporting events, and traveling anywhere with her family where there is sunshine, a white sandy beach, and clear water (and maybe a drink with an umbrella in it).
Anje English
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