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By EPiQ Animal Health | October 8th, 2019

It’s hard to believe that as recently as half a century ago, veterinarians and pet owners were forced to use items such as rigid buckets, lampshades, wastebaskets, or plastic flowerpots to prevent dogs and cats from touching their injuries. These rudimentary “solutions” were extremely cumbersome and difficult for the patient (and pet owner) to comply with over long periods of time. This all changed in 1973, with the invention of the BUSTER Collar.

The Danish manufacturer KRUUSE was inspired by portraits of Queen Elizabeth and thought that might be a more comfortable option to try on dogs. And they were right! It worked like a charm.

But KRUUSE did not stop there. Since the initial development of the “e-collar” (Elizabethan collar), KRUUSE has continued to innovate. We shouldn’t have just one option, they said, because all pets are different, and we want all different pets to be comfortable. So they evolved and perfected a whole range of e-collars for dogs and e-collar alternatives to meet the specific needs of different animals the world over, making them feel less ashamed of their cones.

So, which one is best for your pet? Below, we break down all the current offerings of e-collars for dogs and help you pick the perfect cone of shame for your pet’s personality and needs.

classic e-collar for dogs

The Classic Collar:

For the pet with an eye for classic design

This industry-standard e-collar comes in a variety of sizes to fit any dog, cat, bird, or rabbit you own. Made of 100% polypropylene, this time-tested collar gets the job done.

transparent e-collar for dogs

The Transparent Collar:

For the pet who thinks they’re Sherlock Holmes

A fresh take on the classic collar, KRUUSE’s transparent offerings provide pets with increased visibility, making it easier for them to find important clues.

Clic e-collar for dogs

The Clic Collar:

For the escape artist

The clic closing system makes putting this collar on your pet as easy as buttoning a shirt. (Now I want a button-up shirt for my dog.) The upgraded fastening system features an easy-to-insert tab that clicks into place when the cone is on, ensuring that even the cleverest pets will have no chance of escaping the conical shame zone.

premium e-collar for dogs

The Premium Collar:

For the designer dog

Does your pet go around town in your purse instead of walking? Do they always get the best spot on the couch? Do you plan your entire life around them? (OK, this is all of us.) This classy collar features a padded comfort neck with an adjustable Velcro closure, making it easy to put on.

design e-collar for dogs

The Design Collar:

For pets who use humor as a defense mechanism

If your pet is bold enough to defy the cone of shame’s inherent shame with humorous imagery, this is the cone for you. Available designs include colorful bones scattered haphazardly around the collar and a delightful “Under Construction” design that makes your dog look like a construction site.

inflatable e-collar for dogs

The Inflatable Collar:

For the “active listener”

If your pet is very active, aka can’t sit still, this is the durable, stable, no-fuss option for them. These comfy collars are reminiscent of an airplane pillow, wrapping around your pet’s head like a big doughnut. They come in a variety of sizes, and their low profile keeps your pet’s field of vision clear.

Brachycephalic e-collar for dogs

The Brachycephalic Collar:

For dogs with short noses and big hearts

Bulldogs, pugs, and other short-nosed breeds don’t have to feel added cone-of-shame shame anymore. Gone are the days when they can’t eat and drink without their cone getting in the way. These collars are designed specifically so your short-nosed dog can eat, drink, and be merry.

soft e-collar for dogs

The Soft Collar:

For cats, and small dogs who think they are cats

Designed to make the experience of wearing an e-collar nicer for cats, the soft collar features a flexible, water-repellent material that makes cleaning a breeze. This collar is available in just one size and can fit some small dogs who think they are cats, as well as cats.

Alternatives: If your dog just cannot handle all of the shame that comes with wearing a cone, KRUUSE makes other e-collar alternatives, including bodysuits and body sleeves for both front legs and hind legs, all of which work by covering or obstructing the injured area the animal is tempted to lick or chew.

No one wants to wear an e-collar, but with a size, shape, and style for every pet, KRUUSE makes it easy to make the best of a bad situation. Ask your vet for genuine KRUUSE products and visit The Barking Lot to learn more about caring for your beloved pets.

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