The Case for Partnering With a Master Distributor

Animal health manufacturers can benefit from a strategic partner whose purpose is to manage their supply chain, commercialize their products, and grow their brand. Here’s how.

As a master distributor and strategic marketing partner, EPiQ Animal Health collaborates with manufacturers around the world to commercialize their products and grow their brands. We manage distribution, develop and execute integrated marketing solutions, improve logistics, track regulations, nurture sales, handle customer service, analyze market forecasts, and consult top brands on their go-to-market strategies. This allows our manufacturer partners to focus on what they do best: producing innovative new products that change animals’ lives.

Explore the topics below to understand how an effective master distributor can amplify your objectives:

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Streamlined Supply-Chain Solutions >

Strategic Sales Growth >

Proactive Regulatory Maintenance >

Dedicated Customer Service >

Let’s take a closer look at how we can help grow your brand.

Integrated Marketing

We partner with manufacturers to develop brand-specific marketing strategies. Our goal is to develop customized, comprehensive plans that grow sales in the animal health market. Here’s how.

Demand Generation

In today’s omnichannel marketplace, generating demand among both distributors and your end users — veterinarians and pet owners — has become more important than ever. Helping each of your target audiences understand your products’ unique features and benefits requires a tailored approach.

That’s why we generate product demand among all customers in your supply chain by creating targeted educational tools and unified marketing campaigns. We meticulously segment your audiences and customize campaigns for all relevant channels.

How we educate your customers
For Distributors
  • On-site training
  • Attendance at trade shows and sales meetings
  • On-demand videos and webinars
  • Sales collateral
  • Product samples
  • Seasonal promotions
  • Digital and print collateral to help them understand and use your products
For Veterinarians
  • On-site training
  • On-demand videos and webinars
  • Sales collateral
  • Product samples
  • Digital and print collateral to help them understand and use your products
For Pet Owners
  • Digital marketing campaigns
  • Digital and print collateral to help them understand and use your products
Distributors Veterinarians Pet Owners

Product Branding & Strategy

Whether you are launching a new product, rebranding, or trying to gain traction with an existing product, the right partner can help you determine customer-centric programs that ensure success.

We analyze the effectiveness of your current branding efforts by conducting a thorough brand audit. And while your website’s user experience, logo design, and social media presence are all critical components of building a reputation, that’s just the surface of what we do.

Our branding strategy begins by forming a concrete understanding of your target audience and their needs. We tailor our marketing campaigns toward the audience you’re after, communicating the unique value of your product’s points of sale.

Brand Monitoring

Where do you start your search for a product or service? If you’re like 80% of Americans, you head straight to the internet and type in a search term or two that describes what you need. You also probably judge which links to click based on customer reviews and the URL ranking — meaning you’re not heading to page 4 of the search results. If your online presence is poor, your brand equity is likely suffering as well. It also makes product diversion one of the greatest threats to your success.

Product diversion can be a serious problem in the animal health industry. This issue occurs when products intended for a particular distribution channel are sold in another one without the manufacturer’s knowledge or permission. When the supply chain suffers from a lack of oversight, manufacturers may find negative reviews of their products on unauthorized sellers’ websites. When not addressed, these negative reviews quietly erode a brand’s good standing.

Manufacturers can reduce the risk of diversion by streamlining their supply chain through one master distributor and formulating an effective and manageable plan for addressing customer feedback, especially poor reviews. This is essential if you want your customers to find positive results when they search for you.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

There’s no point in worrying about what customers will see if they can’t find you in the first place. Ranking highly in searches is foundational to any brand’s marketing efforts. Luckily, we are experts in search engine optimization (SEO) and can help your audiences discover your products — instead of your competitors’.

How We Maximize Your SEO
  • Determine keywords that best represent what you offer to match your audiences’ search queries

  • Track analytics to learn about who is visiting your website and how they are engaging with your brand

  • Optimize your SEO on an ongoing basis using insights from analytics

Inbound Marketing

SEO is just the first step in a manufacturer’s battle to attract customers in the digital world. Websites, social channels, and up-to-date content also require time and energy. As a master distributor, we help manufacturers maximize their digital presence so that customers find them and keep coming back for more. This includes crafting the right brand voice and launching integrated marketing campaigns that align with sales, operations, and promotions.

One of the biggest keys to success is building a community of loyalists and followers, and that takes marketing expertise. Since we customize our solutions for manufacturers, we are able to help at any level you need — from consulting on your accounts to managing them completely.

What We Recommend

Streamlined Supply-Chain Solutions

We help manufacturers improve efficiencies by centralizing, optimizing, and cutting costs in the supply chain. Here’s what it looks like.

How We Help


Your supply chain is streamlined with less-than-truckload and truckload shipments to one location.


You need fewer licenses, since there’s only one ship-to location.


Your product is warehoused in a monitored, climate-controlled distribution facility.


We handle your product in accordance with its unique requirements.


We provide full transparency through monthly shipment and inventory reports organized by customer and SKU.


We manage smaller parcel shipments to distributors with the flexibility of lower minimum orders.


We oversee the inventory needed for all animal health customers and provide improved service to the market.


We provide a consolidated forecast for the animal health market to improve demand planning.

Strategic Sales Growth

Our collaborative partnerships are built around ensuring your products’ success in the market.


In today’s market, it has become essential to have an omnichannel strategy, meaning your customers have access to your product through multiple channels. For the channels you choose, we develop sales tools, training opportunities, and resources for distributors, veterinarians, and pet owners.

Our Channels
  • Veterinary distribution

  • E-commerce

  • Retail


Industry trade shows can make a real difference for manufacturers looking to build their brand awareness among the veterinary community and take advantage of networking opportunities. We represent our manufacturer partners at such events and at distributor sales meetings, acting as an extension of your brand.


Successful manufacturers are always reviewing the previous financial year or quarter, and then optimizing forward-looking sales and marketing plans based on what they’ve learned. The distributors who sell their products should do the same. We conduct business reviews with both partners to ensure the success of the products we represent.

What Our Business Reviews Cover
  • Sales and service-level performance metrics

  • Successes and opportunities

  • Sales and marketing activities

  • Forward-looking sales and marketing plans

Market Insight

In our rapidly evolving industry, keeping your finger on the pulse of market trends — any number of which could influence your products’ performance — can prove difficult. We provide monthly reports of our shipments to distributors, capture feedback, and share best practices to help our clients understand where their brand stands in the market from channel to channel. Our partnerships with manufacturers are grounded in a commitment to full transparency and collaboration, so information-sharing is a cornerstone.

Pillars of Our Information Sharing
  • Feedback capture

  • Data exchange

  • Best-practice sharing

Sales Enablement

Today, veterinary distributors face many challenges in moving your product: They’re busy, sell a vast range of products, and may find it difficult to stay up-to-date on the latest market developments. It’s our job to help them overcome these hurdles. Knowing your customer is paramount to moving your product. We know veterinary distributors because we work with them every day.

In order to successfully engage with the veterinary community, sales representatives need tools, information, and resources. We coordinate these offerings to help distributors sell your product and increase your market share.

Our Distributor Resources
  • On-demand training

  • Collateral distribution

  • Live webinars

  • Training at sales meetings

Proactive Regulatory Maintenance

Our dedicated resources act fast to keep manufacturing running smoothly.

How We Help


We hold state-specific wholesale licenses to ensure your products can be distributed across the country.

pink clipboard

Our standard operating procedures ensure efficiency, stability, and quality.

pink box lines

We have first-hand FDA, DEA, and BOP (VAWD) expertise in manufacturing, quality assurance, quality control, and distribution processes.


We keep a record of information related to any complaints about your product, which enables us to identify potential trends and take proactive measures against product diversion.

pink magnifying glass

If there is ever an adverse event with your product, we can assist with investigations and help navigate any necessary reporting requirements and product returns.

pink box cycle

If a product needs to be recalled, we can help you handle that process, from notifying customers to coordinating product returns.

binder group

We help manufacturers stay ahead of new and changing regulations — such as California’s Proposition 65 labeling requirements.


Our regulatory and quality team has extensive background in investigations, root-cause analyses, and corrective and preventive actions.

Dedicated Customer Service

You may not have the resources needed to prioritize customer service. We do.


Maintaining relationships with vet distributors takes time, resources, and coordination. Manufacturers using a master distributor have an advantage, because they only have to manage that one relationship. We have established relationships and contracts with all the major veterinary distributors. Our sales team manages and nurtures relationships at various levels and functions within all major distributors’ organizations. We work tirelessly to execute sales and marketing tactics that grow the brands we represent.

What We Coordinate for Distributor Organizations
  • New product launches

  • Communications

  • New item setup

  • Pricing

  • Promotions

Account Management

We have distributor accounts set up in our system with established credit lines, meaning we can shoulder the burden of credit risk and managing accounts receivable, leaving you free to focus on what you do best.

Customer Interface

It’s important to have a team that can handle daily orders and customer issues by providing solutions and timely follow-up. Customer service should go above and beyond expectations. At EPiQ, we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service to our distributor and manufacturer partners; we are accountable for reporting our fill rate and service-level KPIs during quarterly business reviews.

Our Role in Your Future

At EPiQ, our mission is to revolutionize the animal health industry. As a master distributor and strategic marketing partner, we play an important role in that change. That’s why we do things differently. We utilize innovative technologies, deliver quality products, and provide intelligent solutions to support animals and the people who care for them. To make that happen, we’re not afraid to break the rules and establish a new way of doing things. Our collaboration with you to improve the lives of animals and drive business results will be a winning partnership.

We are confident that our innovative approach to improving supply-chain efficiencies and building brands will benefit your company and the animal health industry. Let’s partner together and do something EPiQ in animal health.

Do Something EPiQ in Animal Health

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