KRUUSE “Sweet Treat” Facebook Giveaway Details

Enter the KRUUSE “Sweet Treat Giveaway” to win 1 of 50 KRUUSE water bottles filled with KRUUSE branded M&Ms. You’ll also be entered to win our GRAND PRIZE – our famous BUSTER dog statue/model (valued at $207) for your practice!

How to Enter

• Fill out the form below (Free water bottle +1entry)

• Like us on Facebook (+2)

• Share on Facebook (+2)

• Comment your favorite KRUUSE product OR a KRUUSE product that you would like to try on this post (+4)

Comment on Facebook


• Must be in the US

• Must be a veterinary professional


• 1 of 50 KRUUSE water bottles with KRUUSE branded M&Ms

• BUSTER dog statue/model (valued at $207)



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