Quiz: Which Dog Breed Are You?

By EPiQ Animal Health | January 13th, 2020

How well did you do on your SATs?

Pick a movie genre.

A stranger knocks on your door. How do you respond?

Which of these would you be most excited to find in your front yard?

Which articles of clothing are most “you”?

Which of these sounds like the perfect Saturday?

How much do you like to exercise?

Please describe your current hairstyle.

What is your ideal career?

Which Dog Breed Are You?
You’re a Golden Retriever!

You are smart and love to exercise. You pride yourself on helping others, love giving back to the community and can sniff a duck from a mile away.
You’re a French Bulldog!

You are quite content just hanging out, and honestly, you love chilling. You are small and cute and great at striking poses that make everyone fall in love with you. Naturally, you have a lot of fans.
You’re a Poodle!

You are one smart cookie! You’ve also got great hair and are faster than the wind. You are loyal and make a consistent effort to put family first.
You’re a Dachshund!

You might be small, but make no mistake — you are a spunky ball of fire. You can be skeptical of strangers but feel right at home when you’re hanging with your crew. You love digging holes and exploring underground.
You’re a Basset Hound!

You are always working on solving mysteries. Everywhere you look, you see clues. You are most commonly seen in an inconspicuous trench coat but will adapt your attire to go undercover for a mission. You are detail-oriented and have a refined sense of smell.

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