A Distributor’s Guide to the Best Veterinary Post-Surgical Products

By Anje English | September 16th, 2021

Post-surgery care for pets is an essential component of their medical recovery. That’s why veterinarians are meticulous and vigilant when choosing the right post-surgical care products for their practice. Veterinarians look to brands they personally trust before recommending them for patients.

Denmark-based KRUUSE has been a vet’s best friend for more than a century, creating and innovating vet-approved products and tools that emphasize value while elevating pet comfort and welfare.

KRUUSE and its BUSTER brand have become synonymous with quality. KRUUSE’s dedicated product managers work with veterinarians and technicians to understand their preferences and needs in order to adjust and perfect their offerings.

Here’s an in-depth look at three of KRUUSE’s most recent innovations in post-surgical care for pets — and why distributors should consider carrying them.

3 Veterinary Post-Surgery Care Products to Add to Your Portfolio

Comfort and safety are crucial in postoperative recovery. The BUSTER product line includes post-surgical collars, textiles and boots that many veterinarians prescribe to a variety of species to minimize corrective surgeries and optimize comfort. Here are three top-performing BUSTER products that can supplement your growing inventory.

BUSTER Complete Collar: As the originator of the e-collar, KRUUSE has compiled the best features of past BUSTERs into a single, comprehensive product. Vets and pet parents alike prefer this collar for its comfort, protection and ease of application.

BUSTER Ear Cover: This soft head cover ensures protection and comfortable recovery after a surgical procedure or from chronic itching and scratching. Made from durable neoprene, this cover easily slips over an animal’s head and offers flexible, breathable protection. The optimal feature is that extra holes can be cut into the nonfraying fabric to release ear flaps.

BUSTER Bootie: Made of a waterproof, breathable nylon shell, the bootie is ideal for injuries and post-surgical care for pets. Adjustable elastic hook and loop straps ensure a customizable fit. The bootie also comes in both a hard and soft sole.

Why You Should Carry the Industry Preference

These three products aren’t new to the animal health market, but innovation, smart design and quality set them apart from the competition. In fact, vets will often ask for BUSTERs by name. Carrying the products and brands your clients know, trust and want is an integral part of customer service and sales growth.

Get Veterinarians’ Attention (and Sales)

It’s one thing to scroll through photos of a product. But it’s completely different to see and feel the quality before buying. Seeing is believing in some sales cases, and we can help with that. EPiQ Animal Health is a master distributor that can help deliver results by supporting our distributor partners through sales enablement strategies and product education.

Once you decide to carry a KRUUSE product, we work with your company’s sales force to learn effective strategies to help promote the item. Most importantly, we get tangible samples into the hands of distributor representatives, making demonstrations a powerful sales tool. Your reps are able to display the product and answer critical questions about its use and function. We also use our marketing prowess to go straight to vets to communicate quality and features, generating product demand.

Read more about innovative products from KRUUSE and our other partners by downloading free collateral.

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Anje English is a national account manager at EPiQ Animal Health. With almost 25 years of experience in health care supply chain, she is a customer-centric leader with expertise in marketing, product management, account management, and customer relations. Delivering the best customer experience is always her No. 1 priority. She is responsible for managing the partnerships with distributors and acts as brand ambassador for the manufacturers we represent. She also manages the product launches and sales-enablement activities in the distribution channel. As a native of Columbus, Ohio, and graduate of The Ohio State University, she is a Buckeye at heart. She enjoys watching OSU football, playing with her dog Beanz, spending time at her kids’ sporting events, and traveling anywhere with her family where there is sunshine, a white sandy beach, and clear water (and maybe a drink with an umbrella in it).
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