How Pill Pockets for Pets Can Help Owners

By Keely Burton | October 31st, 2019

Stocking your display shelves in a profitable way takes strategy and planning. With perhaps only a few feet of space — or maybe even mere inches — to devote to pet products, you can’t afford to carry anything that doesn’t sell quickly and regularly. So what’s worth the shelf space — and the effort of stocking and managing inventory?

As one of the only types of doctor with a pharmacy in your office, you have an opportunity to invest in upselling customers on products that complement prescriptions, such as Greenies Pill Pockets for pets, which make it easy for pet parents to administer vital medications to their pill-wary pets.

Helping pet parents navigate the pill wars with their pet is crucial to ensuring they adhere to these important treatment plants and to keeping your pet patients healthy.

The right treat can help you write a more profitable prescription, pet owners make a convenient purchase, and pets leave your practice with a treat as well as just heartworm or flea and tick medications, which are no fun (although extremely important).

Let’s look at one example of a product that checks all these boxes.

The Pill Wars

No pet parent enjoys fighting with Fido to make sure they take their pills. Yet 72% of pet owners say they have trouble medicating their pet, and 79% say their pet has spit out their medication after they thought it was swallowed, according to Mars Petcare’s 2008 Quantitative Study. Pretty crafty.

But what if pill time could be more like treat time?

Greenies Pill Pockets make taking pills fun (and easy). The clever design effectively hides pills, making it easy for dogs to take them (and harder for them to eat around them). This will cut down on pill time significantly and make it easier for exasperated pet parents to ensure their pet has taken their dose.

The Pill Pockets for Pets

The treat’s patented pill pocket stealthily hides capsules and tablets, while all-natural ingredients and flavors, such as chicken and hickory smoke, mask the unappetizing odor and taste of many medications. Grain-free formulas are also available for pets with food sensitivities.

These pill pockets for pets are a great alternative for desperate pet parents who resort to bribing their pet with spoonfuls of peanut butter and other human foods to trick them into taking their pills.

Pet Partnerships

This is an easy sell — it can be bundled or upsold with the price of a prescription. But more than that, pet care products such as these help reinforce your purpose as a vet — not only to help keep pets healthy, but also to help pet parents keep their pets healthy.

Choosing and managing inventory can seem an unwieldy task, but investing in a few key products can go a long way toward making your practice a convenient one-stop shop for pet owners who need medical treatment for their pets. It’s also an easy way to give your revenue a boost.

So stock Greenies Pill Pockets behind your counter to distribute with pills and watch them fly off the shelves.

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Keely Burton is a seasoned sales professional who has spent her entire 20-year career in animal health distribution, where she has demonstrated leadership and success in building relationships and driving for business results. Keely is now EPiQ’s national account manager for e-commerce. She has a BS in biology and minors in chemistry and dance from the University of Tampa and enjoys spending time with her kids, furchildren, and family. Keely lives in both sunny South Florida and her hometown in the Florida Keys, catching lobster and watching as many sunsets as possible.
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