What International Brands Need to Know About Entering the U.S. Market

By Matt McCarthy | November 16th, 2021

The global animal health market size is forecast to reach $88.6 billion within the next seven years. As the market expands, international brands are looking toward the vast and rapidly expanding U.S. market. Regardless of a product’s popularity abroad, it’s easy to get lost in a sea of chaos and competition when breaking into new markets — especially one as robust and complex as the U.S. market.

Learning customer behavior, pinpointing gaps in product offerings and maneuvering complex regulations and policies can be daunting — but the right partner can help. As a master distributor, EPiQ Animal Health understands the U.S. animal health market and what international brands need to do to be successful.

We help international brands enter the U.S. animal health market by advising them in two critical areas: marketing and supply chain management.

Crafting an Integrated Marketing Strategy

A customized, comprehensive marketing plan can help an international manufacturer build their brand identity within the U.S. market. Our marketing experts advise our manufacturer partners on breaking into new markets in three key areas:

Understanding the market. Knowing who’s already in the market — and how your company compares — can help an international manufacturer determine how to present themselves to key consumers, whether it’s through updating package verbiage, determining proper pricing or navigating sales channels.

Getting noticed. It’s hard enough to be the newcomer in a foreign market. Gaining attention and equity in an already crowded space can seem impossible without guidance from a partner who knows the space. We take responsive, agile action through managing brands’ social media channels and reporting results in real time, allowing a brand to immediately adjust what’s not working.

Making connections with key opinion leaders. We use our established network to get an international manufacturer’s product in veterinarians’ hands and in front of other key decision-makers. We have several practices for improving our partner’s network, but one of our favorites is by representing their brand at some of the country’s most influential trade shows.

Establish Supply Chain Solutions

As an experienced master distributor, we work closely with international manufacturers to craft a tailored supply chain strategy that can span different markets. When breaking into new markets, having a master distributor in your corner can:

Create a streamlined supply chain. Our established relationships with distributors across the U.S. help give international manufacturers maximum cost-savings on freight. International manufacturers ship to a centralized location and we handle distribution to smaller locations throughout the U.S.

Slash the red tape. Navigating U.S. Customs, complying with the Food and Drug Administration’s requirements and understanding laws and tariffs are complex but necessary components of entering the U.S. animal health market. As an importer of record, EPiQ handles the compliance side of the importing process — something that can be a barrier to entry for manufacturers from out of the country.

Produce proper packaging. What’s on the outside matters when entering a new market. EPiQ helps international manufacturers update product labels’ visuals and language to reflect the U.S. market’s trends and regulations. We also advise on sturdier packaging that can withstand intercontinental travel.

The right partner can ease common pain points associated with breaking into new markets. As a master distributor, EPiQ has established connections within the U.S. market and has market-specific expertise, providing international manufacturers with the necessary eyes and ears on the ground to be successful in a new space.

If you’re looking to launch your products or brand in the U.S. market, contact us to see how we can help.

About the Author

Matt McCarthy is sourcing and procurement manager at EPiQ Animal Health. With previous experience as a distribution buyer and management for a third-party logistics company, Matt brings a wealth of operational and purchasing experience to exceed customers’ expectations. Outside of work, Matt enjoys competitive bass fishing, football, rooting for the Buckeyes, and spending time with his nieces and nephews. Matt has a Bachelor of Science in business administration from The Ohio State University.
Matt McCarthy
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