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3 Advancements Improving Post-Surgical Care for Pets

As any veterinarian knows, the postoperative phase can be as important as the surgery itself.…
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3 New Technologies in Veterinary Medicine

Veterinarians of today are busier than ever before. Juggling clinical pet care with increasingly informed…
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How Pill Pockets for Pets Can Help Owners

Stocking your display shelves in a profitable way takes strategy and planning. With perhaps only…
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3 Pet-Food Trends to Talk About

The keto diet, the paleo diet, juice diets — every day, people are coming up…
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Pet Myths and How to Bust Them

You spent years earning a degree in veterinary medicine. Now you’re practicing and helping countless…
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Why Dog Behavior Modification Matters (And How to Talk About It)

Each year, around 7.6 million dogs and cats are turned over to animal shelters nationwide,…
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